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This website is aimed exclusively at people over eighteen years old.

The work you might request will not replace medical, psychological, psychiatric, treatment nor legal, financial advising; if you accept the offered services by our website is because you want to and you will be subject at your own interpretation and usage

The user understands this website is for entertaining and self-improvement, without breaking any current law.

The user understands that he/she can find a great change in his/her life and also not getting the expected results.

We advise, help, motivate, overcome, encourage to move on, despite of the problems each individual may have, but our limits reside in the common sense.

The use of one or several services offered in this website is on consideration of the user. If you accept the offered service through this website, you will be subject to your own interpretation and use of: www.voodoowitcher.com .

It is expressly prohibited the usage of the website with illegal ends, contraries to the kindness, public order or what is stablished to the usage conditions.


The data requested for www.voodoowitcher.com are meant for advising the user who expressly ask for assistance, contacting us through: Email, chat or phone call.

I you wish to limit, rectificate, or cancel the usage or spreading or his/her personal information, you will be able to do so through e-mail to the Personal data Department of: www.voodoowitcher.com

In order to use this website www.voodoowitcher.com you must be at least eighteen years old.

The usage and the information you are about to receive is under your responsibility.

On www.voodoowitcher.com we respect your privacy; your information will not be shared to anyone. It is exclusively used to provide the requested service.

Only for legal adults.

The user accepts and knows that the announcers on this website may include and read cookies, as well as using “web beacons” to get information. The user will be able to delete freely the “cookies” after navigation on the site, and the included by the announcers in their pages, according to their respective policies of privacy and usage. The user, by just reading, viewing or navigate on the site, accepts these conditions. On the contrary, the user must leave this website, with no usage of it or its content, and not acceding to the pagers of the announcers. This website shows advertisements through Google Ads. More information about this in the Politics of privacy of Google Ads.


The effectivity in the results are possible but not certain, depending on the personal capacity in each case.



The consults through our phone lines have no additional charges for the users, however the calls will be charged by its telephonic operator, and this will be the only charges for the users per call. These calls can have a cost of $0.10/min. (tax included). The advising will generate no charges, we will charge a fixed amount in case the client requires materials and this wishes and accepts to acquire, after being acquired in no case would be reimbursable. And the cost of these materials varies according to each necessity, the price will depend on the value of the American dollar by that time.


All of our services have a cost, and these will depend on the necessity of the user. These costs will be informed to all of our clients at the moment when the consult is done.

Mentioned services, although they are not equal for each person that asks us, this is because one can vary for the type of service requested, it could be a cost of US$35 or more, depending of what the user is requiring.

In addition, it is specified that this value is for the payment of materials and the work performed by the Master.

Call Cost

At http://www.sorcerervoodoo.com/, we will never charge for phone calls you make. The invoiced values was we have already explained will be those that your line operating company charges and they will be the ones that make the payment.

However, it is important to inform that such charges will normally be up to $ 0.10 / min. and that will only be charged by your local operator.

¿What forms of payment are available? Our users will be able to make payments in cash, transfer or money transfer through an agreed company.

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