If you wish prosperity and success to never lack in your life, that every thing flows, that paths are open, and all of the wonders covers you, in a voodoo ritual you will obtain this favor of the spiritual world, those who would deign to concede the prosperity and a happy life.

Based on the harmony of the space, that well treated, will provide a positive influence to all of that is in it. This voodoo ritual is based on the believe of a vital energy, which flow will determine our state, and allows our effort to contribute to all the positive and to attract sales and the prosperity to our business.

This ritual is used through a doll, a photography or drawing of that who you want to tame. Sets submission to his/her evil, avoiding any damage that he/she might try to cause, it weakens him/her and keeps him/her away; preventing his/her evil thoughts from materializing, your enemy will not touch you.

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The Spells and rituals of Voodoo Magic must be performed with the auspicious seriousness of the ancient Voodoo rituals, my wisdom strengthened with appropriate knowledge is within your reach.

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Ritual to “break the damage”:

Many times, we are in complicated situations, economic falls, unemployment, sickness; and we believe they are part of the life itself, when they aren’t. Through sorcery, damages can exist in our life generating all of this unrest and suffering, the voodoo wisdom manages ancestral rituals to break this kind of damages, and keep them away form our life, anyone who has wanted to hurt us can fall to this.

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Ritual to separate lovers:

When a person interferes in the life of two lovers breaking the harmony and generating conflicts causing distance, separation, suffering and hate, this person must be set apart of the life of these beings with the intention of saving that union, for that, there’s a powerful voodoo ritual that will allow this person to go away permanently without causing harm anymore.

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Ritual to keep persons away:

The negative energies are around us and travel in people’s bodies, people that just want to harm and generate conflicts, gossip and problems, when these people are around us we can use this ritual to keep them away from you and your lover, likewise to get protection to keep any person who wants to harm you.

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