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Love Mooring:

This ritual is performed from the most emotional area of the spirit, creating union to stablish love in the couple, letting it increase in pillars of respect and mutual trust. It can be performed to a couple because of situations of conflict, or when you love someone and you feel or think this person doesn’t love you back.

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Eternal Love Mooring :

When the union of a couple is on risk due to interference of negative energy, there’s distancing or situations of conflict that may cause discussions and sadness, a ritual is performed in order to restore the bonds of love definitely, through a powerful ritual in the voodoo magic, focused on strengthen love and definitive union of two beings.

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Gay Mooring :

Essentially among the voodoo wisdom, love is absolutely universal and has no complexes, that’s why all of his rituals are directed to couples, no matter their condition or sex. There’s one suitable “mooring” for all these people of the same sex, because it strengthens the bonds of love, and eliminates any prejudice or intolerance that can exist around his/her, avoiding damaging interferences.

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Marriage Mooring:

The relationships that are stablished definitely through the marriage mooring or wish to do so, have the opportunity as an act of faith and protection for their love, in the voodoo magic. It’s the most certain amulet to restore heal situations in their marriage.

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Sexual Mooring:

Intimately, many situations are presented, sometimes it has to do more with routine in the relationship, that with dislike, this voodoo ritual breaks any barrier that stops the passion, likewise it allows to stablish bonds of carnal desire between two persons, no matter if they don’t feel the same emotions for each other.

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Temporary Mooring:

The necessity coming from the empathy or the attraction of a special being can be limited through a ritual, ancestrally used for untamable spirits, with changing desires that wish to live short and experiences throughout their lives. This Voodoo mooring, its focused on getting the attention of this person who you are interested on temporarily.

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Mooring with Clothes:

This ritual is stablished from the physical for the formal union and tangible of two people. Through clothes using emotional ritualization of both people to strengthen the bonds of love and union.

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Distant Mooring:

When the love is separated for distance, the voodoo magic gives to you an excellent tool to activate emotional bonds regardless the kilometers than exist between two people, this ritual has been used to keep the flame of love alive among the involved or to start it if necessary.

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Mooring for caprice or revenge:

When the rejection has destroyed you, when there’s nothing but pain, scars and sorrow, when the feeling of getting revenge and make the other person feel the suffering, this mooring is performed in order to attract to your life this person that has caused you much harm, and then make her/him experience your suffering.

Ancient Powers

All of these powerful spells come from the ancestral wisdom that, for years I have developed through my gifts and with the necessary knowledge to make them real.

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